We are NOW accepting donations for our 3rd "SAY NO TO DRUGS" car show and campaign to warn kids about drugs and gang violence.

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Lowrider Style Car Club was first establish in Guadelupe Az in 1994. Our objective is to warn the our next generation to what drugs and gang violence can do. It is also our goal to change the negative stereo types the media protray's of us. We ask you to join us in our cause. While your browsing our site we asked you to please sign our Guestbook and tell the world what you think. Together we can make a different in a kids life!

Understanding Lowrider Style Car & Bike Club

"I'am very proud of the fact that we've been adding new members and vehicles every week for over 6 months making us one of the fastest growing car clubs in the Nation! We figure the more members & chapters...the more kids we can reach with the "Say No To Drugs" message. Keep in mind we are a street club and we do let anyone in who promises to get their car up to street show quality. We give the beginner lowrider a chance to be in a club.  

We now have chapters and individual members in Phoenix Az, Glendale Az, Tacoma Washington State, OG San Antonio Tx, Las Vegas Nevada,  Bryan Tx, Indiana, San Antonio Tx, Pecos Tx, Inland Empire and Oklahoma! Plus we're establishing chapters in Redding Ca, Florida, Salem Or, Vancouver Wa,  Sunnyside Wa, Wenatchee Wa, San Diego Ca, Bremerton Wa, Twin Cities Minneapolis, lndianapolis ,New Mexico,  El Paso Tx , Casa Grande Az, Tri City Wa, Flagstaff Az and now Wyoming ! And now have chapters in Indonesia Asia, Australia, Canada, Germany and Mexico which now make's us Worldwide!  



About the website. . . . .

"Color of the Week" Is to the right of the page. Its simple. Whatever page is the color of the week is the page with new stuff!

 "Lowrider Style Events" Where you can see pic's & video's of every event we go to! The 2nd page is "Lowrider Style Car Club News" which is now "Lowrider Style Car Show Flyers". Where you can see the latest car show flyers & car show updates from all around the world! Just the beautiful models & radical lowriders on these flyers are worth checking out!

 "Lowrider Style Store". Is where you can donate money and in return get something in return for your donation. Its also where members can donate for Lowrider Style Gear.

Then we got "Lowrider Style Link World" where you can get lost for hours browsing through the world of the many Lowrider Links we've posted! You'll find everything on Lowriding!

 "Lowrider Style Video's"! Is a assortment of the greatest hopping, cruising and car show video's ever created.....by you!!! Send us your YouTube video link and we'll post it!

Now in our "Lowrider Style Members" and "Lowrider Style Lowriders" page...we're gonna highlight the name of the new members & lowriders with the color of the week. 

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We at Lowriderstylecarclub.com update our website periodically. 

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Alright Homie's and Homiettes! This month we pics from the Lowrider Magazine San Antonio Tx Supershow 2023! With pics from a assortment of bad ass photographers!  So make sure to go into our Events page to see their pics! In our "Pic of the Month" it goes to Juan Lopez .. Instagram @tsmphotography. "Video of the Month" is from Custom Car Shows with his video of the "The Lowrider Magazine San Antonio Supershow 2023" As for our latest entry into our Member page we have Dennis Bar President of the Germany Chapter. Then our latest entry into our Lowrider page goes too Eddie of our Minnesota Chapter! With his 1979 Cadi.  We're constantly updating our Lowrider Style Car Show Flyer too! So keep a eye on it!

We lost another member Tim President of our Canada chapter has pass away. May he rest In Peace. He was a great President and very dedicated and devoted to our club.


Member of the Year 2021

Jesus Soto President of the Oklahoma Chapter


President of the Year 2021

Carlos - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Chapter of the Year 2021

OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Achievement of the Year 2021
Owner: David President: New Mexico Chapter

Our next event.

New Group Pic!

Arizona Chapter!

From our sponsor:


"Video of the Month"







This firme photo was taken by Juan Lopez. Instagram @tsmphotography.


"Lowriders Are Good People Too"



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                                                             Contact us at: lowriderstyle_cc@yahoo.com