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Lowrider Style Lowriders and  Bikes

Our goal is to keep the lowriding tradition on the map! We only allow true real lowriders in our club sporting the deep dish 13x7 or 14x 7 rim wrap in a skinny white wall tire. And with body style's changing we're allowing the new cars into the club as long as they sport that lowrider style image! Taking this lifestyle into the future! 





Our Founders - 96 Sebring

Our Founder's: Chevy  S-10

Our Founder 1999 BMW 323i

Craze Navarro President - Utah Chapter

Melissa - VP Utah Chapter

John - Utah Chapter

Vito - President: Italy Chapter

Bradon Lynch President - Tennessee Chapter

Chris's 64 Impala - Kentucky Chapter

Rocz: President - Kansas Chapter

Rocz Mini Truck - Kansas Chapter

Ethan - Lowrider Bikes - Kansas Chapter

Dennis Bahr - Germany Chapter : 64 Impala

Dennis Bahr - Germany Chapter : Cutlass

Dr Frankenstyle - Germany Chapter

Antonio Mora - 1984 Monte Carlo

64 Impala - Owner Shawn Boyle: Canada Chapter

Eugenio - President Casa Grande Az

Robert : Blazer - Phoenix Az Chapter

Juanito's Lincoln - Tri City Wa State Chapter

David - Hobbs  New Mexico Chapter

Shane - Hobbs New Mexico Chapter

Emilio -  Hobbs New Mexico Chapter

Mark - Hobbs New Mexico Chapter

Gary - Hobbs New Mexico Chapter

Justin - Hobbs New Mexico Chapter

Tim President - Canada Chapter

John Garcia - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Tony Mendez VP - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Joseph Guardiola - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Carlos President - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Carlos President - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter: 2008 Civic

Eladio - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Andre - President: Twin Cities Minn.

Eddie - Minnesota Chapter

Carl Hollie's Cadi -  Minneapolis  Chapter

Leo's Lincoln - Minnesota Chapter

Kyle's Lincoln - Minnesota Chapter

Minnesota Chapter

Minnesota Chapter

Paul's Lowrider Bike -  Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Steve's Lowrider Bike -  Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Steve's Lowrider Bike -  Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Robert Sepulveda : President - Inland Empire

Jose Prez - El Paso Tx Chapter

Joshua - President: Bremerton Wa Chapter

Javier - Mexico Chapter

Grady: President - San Diego Ca Chapter - 66 Impala

Maggies  Lowrider Bike - Australia Chapter

Scott's Lincoln - Salem Or. Chapter

Mike: Prez - Vancouver WA Chapter

Perry's Bike - West Palm Beach Florida

Chad - Oklahoma Chapter 

Jessie - Oklahoma Chapter

Alex: President -Vegas Nevada Chapter

Anthony's Lowrider Bike - Vegas Chapter

Alex's son's peddle car - Vegas Chapter

E zzy Pina - Wenatchee Wa. Chapter

E zzy Pina - Wenatchee Wa. Chapter

Michael - Wenatchee Wa Chapter

Ezzy - Wenatchee Wa Chapter

Juan's Cadi - Sunnyside Wa Chapter

Miguel - Sunnyside Wa Chapter

Juan - Sunnyside Wa Chapter

Freddie's Bomba - Sunnyside Wa Chapter

Hilda's Lowrider Bike - Indonesia Asia Chapter

Indonesia Asia Chapter

Indonesia Asia Chapter

Indonesia Asia Chapter

Rick's Lowrider Bike: Pecos Texas Chapte

Gilberts Lowrider Bike - Pecos Tx Chapter

Ricks Mini Truck - Pecos Tx Chapter

Eric's Lowrider Bike - Redding Califas Chapter


Ruben's Lowrider Bike - Corpus Christi Tx Chapter

Randy's Cutless - President: Tacoma Wa Chapter

Randy's Hopper!

Calvin - Tacoma Wa Chapter

Marquel 64 - Tacoma Wa Chapter

Jame's Big Body Cadi  - Tacoma Wa State Chapter

Rott's Suburban - Tacoma WA Chapter

Calvin's Limo - Tacoma Wa Chapter

Paul - Lincoln: Tacoma Wa Chapter


Tommy's 64 Impala- Tacoma Washington State Chapter

Shorty's Cutless- Tacoma Washington State Chapter

Kyles Impala - Tacoma Washington State Chapter

Adam's Lincoln Town car - Tacoma Washington State Chapter

Tony's El Camino- San Antonio Chapter

AJ's Lowrider Bike: San Antonio Texas Chapter

Anthony's Lowrider Bike - Wilson County Texas Chapter

Sierra's Lowrider Bike - Wilson County Texas Chapter