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 Lowrider Style Members

Our members come from all types of ages and backgrounds. The one thing we have in common is the love for traditional lowriding and urge to warn our youth of the dangers of drugs and gang violence's.

Founder - President / CEO: Hector

Fallen Member's

Ta Ta Dave




Ector Diaz - 8/8/73 - 4-9-18


Melissa - 1st Lady Utah Chapter

Dennis - President: Germany Chapter

Jesus Soto - President: Oklahoma Chapter

Edwin - Oklahoma Chapter

Diana - Oklahoma Chapter

Fred - Oklahoma Chapter

Johnny - President Colorado Chapter

Chad - Oklahoma Chapter

Brain - President:  Los Angeles Ca Chapter

Kane Eveland - Kansas Chapter

Rocz Armstrong - President: Kansas Chapter

Armando Luna VP - Kansas Chapter

Chris President - Kentucky Chapter

Robert VP - Phoenix Az Chapter

Julila - Phoenix Az

Adam - Phoenix Az Chapter

Angel - Phx Az  Chapter

John Kuehl -  Bremerton Wa State Chapter

Eugenio & Sarah Corral - Casa Grande Az Chapter

Joe President El Paso Tx Chapter

Robert Sepulveda: President - Inland Empire Ca

Tim - President:  Canada Chapter

Dan VP - Canada Chapter

Andre: President: Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Leo - Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Damian -  Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Levi - Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Steve - Minneapolis Mn Chapter

Ezzy - President: Wenatchee Wa Chapter

Perry President - Palm Beach Florida Chapter

Scott - Salem Oregon Chapter

Mike President - Vancouver Washington State

Ari - Indonesia Asia Chapter

Hilda - Indonesia Asia Chapter

Fsjar - Indonesia Asia Chapter

Eric President - Redding Califas Chapter

Jordon - President: Glendale Az Chapter

Enrique - Glendale Az Chapter

Geovani - Sgt of Arms: Glendale Az Chapter

Rebecca - El Centro Ca Chapter

Rick - President - Pecos Tx Chapter

Erik - Pecos Tx Chapter

Randy- President of Tacoma Washington State Chapter

Marquel - Tacoma Wa Chapter

James - Tacoma Wa Chapter

Shorty- Tacoma Washington State

Tommy- Washington State Chapter

Scooby - Tacoma Chapter

James - Tacoma Wa State Chapter
Tony- President  San Antos TX Chapter

 Carlos President - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Jose - San Antonio Tx Chapter
Joey - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter
John Garcia - San Antonio Tx Chapter
Carlie - San Antonio Tx Chapter
Frank and Joanne - OG San Antonio Tx Chapter

Vise President- San Antonio Texas Chapter
Anthony: President - San Antonio Tx Chapter

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